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We are specialists in transforming spaces into living homes.

At Vanrays we offer a team of interior design professionals dedicated to design who can help you in the work of transforming your property. We will make your project a success and the result is always incredible. Our design team will get the most out of your home so that it attracts as many people as possible, and our experience in the home rental sector together with our experience will help you get the most out of your home.

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We turn spaces into dream homes.

We offer a complete service. When a product is aesthetically pleasing and also reinforces the ideas we have about ourselves and society, what we feel is pleasantly positive. However, how consumers experience their homes is only part of this story. 

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Design and interior design in rental

Based on experience, once you tell us about your project and depending on whether you want it for personal or commercial purposes, we will advise you and plan it in the most detailed way possible and make a budget.

We make a personalized budget

Once the qualities in the apartment are clear and the suppliers have been decided, we will proceed to create a detailed budget separated by items. 

WE GET results

Once the budget is accepted, we carry out the work from demolition to the last details. 

We provide the human team and imagination.

Interior design, adapted to each client

We find solutions to each of the problems that sometimes arise during the execution of the work.

Project management, experience, expected result, our challenge, functional and aesthetic.


Colors, textures, shapes and details

We design each space and each element. We have extensive experience in manufacturing custom furniture. We work with the best professionals. Only with these ingredients can we achieve the result that all our homes have.

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